a clutch for taking oneself to dinner

February 27, 2013 — 2 Comments

If I’m away from home, I go to dinner by myself a lot. In a city for two weeks, you can’t expect long-suffering local colleagues to come out for dinner each night. So my dinner companion is frequently my iPad.

I wanted a slim bag (so it wouldn’t be a problem in the suitcase) large enough to hold an iPad, wallet and few other items (so I don’t have to carry the iPad and another bag, in constant fear of dropping it. My work bag is enormous so that wouldn’t do.

The Longchamp Gatsby clutch bag is available for $395 or €260. It’s made of crocodile- print lambskin with a silver magnetic fastener and blue leopard-print fabric lining. It’s just the right size for an iPad and some other bits and pieces. It’s a trim, neat bag, also available in blue, natural and orange. No shoulder or wrist strap – this is strictly a clutch.

Longchamp Gatsby clutch

I like this image from the Longchamp website. The video features Coco Rocha grooving during the security patdown.

Longchamp campaign

If money was no object I would probably have opted for a Balenciaga bag like this envelope clutch with the “giant” studs. At $1045 or €725 it’s more than double the Longchamp bag. Since it’s available in a bunch of colours, maybe I’ll buy one in the future if I’m feeling flush. For now I’m very happy with my more modestly priced Longchamp.

Balenciaga envelope bag

2 responses to a clutch for taking oneself to dinner


    There’s nothing better than a classy black clutch. I like my hobo clutch/wallet that I picked up at a consignment store. I definitely prefer your Longchamp version… while the more expensive one is nice, I prefer the texture of the crocodile print.


    PS. I’m doing the Liebster blog award thing and I’ve included your blog on my list of nominees. If you’re interested in participating, check out my blog for instructions.

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