will I still love you tomorrow?

December 6, 2012 — Leave a comment

When the whole studded loafer thing started, I opted out. They were kinda cool, but the over-a-grand price-tag for Christian Louboutin was a huge barrier. I’m fully aware that most people never spend over $100 (or less) on shoes, and I usually don’t spend over $350. I’ve spent around $600-$700 a few times for something really special but over a grand – never! Also something about them felt like the bastard offspring of two genres that were never meant to meet – the high-heeled Louboutin girl pretending to be “metal”.

Then I was standing outside Harvey Nicks in London and a girl came out wearing a pair. I about fell over with lust. They looked FABULOUS.

Louboutin rolling spikes

Of course by that time they were sold out everywhere, except the $150 Chinese knockoffs. Then TopShop and a few other retailers made their offerings, but none equalled the look of the real thing. I resigned myself to missing out.

But no! This fall, they are back… but the trend is a year closer to being over – if it’s not over already.

The question is – do I care? I usually don’t buy things that don’t stand the test of time. There are a few things I’ve bought over the years that now look outdated and can’t be worn, but most of my stuff goes on working year after year. I don’t buy things that are so achingly of the moment that I’ll feel ridiculous in them within a couple of seasons. My wardrobe is a mix of casual and business basics and the “performance” pieces that give it character. This would be a typical “performance” piece – something I wear that’s not really normal for my combination of age and profession, chosen to set me apart.

So, are these shoes so supercool that they will go on looking cool after the trend is over? Or will they just look really sad and too-late-to-the-party? Will I still love them tomorrow?

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